Ancient Mythology

The Bible and “Mythology”

Some people, especially those of Jewish or Christian religions, may object to the presence of The Bible on a website that discusses mythology. However, one must not confuse the terms myth and fiction, as they are not neccessarily synonymous. There is a colloquial use of the word myth that implies falsehood. That is not meant to be implied here, and the use of the word myth is in no way an attack on the religious beliefs of any group.

Myths, for the purpose of this site, are generally stores that are traditional or sacred to a religion, past or present. These include ancient legends and folklore, as well as the sacred narratives that survive in modern religions. Use of term is in no way a comment on the validity, accuracy or truthfulness of the stores and beliefs presented here.

Thus, The Bible is placed appropriately among the myths, or texts, of religions past and present. It is a major scripture for a number of religious beliefs—both of ancient times and of present day.

The purpose of this site is not to confirm nor to discredit the beliefs of any religion, but to provide an accessible account of the various mythologies that have been shared by religions throughout the course of history.

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