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Each uisge | Scottish Mythology

In Scottish mythology, an each uisge is a water spirit. The name is Scottish Gaelic, meaning “water horse”.

The each uisge is a dangerous creature in Scottish myths. These water horses are said to inhabit lochs and seas around the Scottish highlands. The each uisge are shape-shifters, and can take the form of a normal horse, or of a man.

In the form of a horse, the each uisge will encourage humans to ride it. It can be ridden as a normal horse as long as it is kept away from water, but as soon as the creature can sense water, it will bind itself to its rider and swim to the deepest part of the loch or sea. Once the rider dies, the each uisge will tear him or her apart and devour the entire individual, aside from the liver which is allowed to float to the surface as the last remnant of the water horse’s victim.

In the form of a man, the each uisge appears to be handsome and can only be recognized as a supernatural being by the seaweed hidden in its hair.

The each uisge is not unlike the kelpie, another form of water horse that inhabits some lochs, rivers and streams.

In Irish mythology, the each uisge is known as the aughisky.

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