Ancient Mythology

Athena | Greek Mythology

(also Athene)

Athena was the daugher of Zeus and the Titaness Metis. She was a virgin goddess of war and crafts to the Greek people.

According to popular mythology, Athena sprang forth, fully grown, from Zeus' head after he swallowed Metis. Gaea had warned that a child born of Metis may take over, so when Metis became pregnant, Zeus swallowed her.

Athena was worshiped most notably at Athens, which celebrated her cult primarially. Athena and Poseidon were both fond of the city, and it was decided that the one who could give the citizens the greatest gift would earn the city. Poseidon created a spring, but the water was salty like his seas. Athena created the better gift, an olive tree, which gave food, wood and oils to the people.

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