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Hera | Greek Mythology

Hera (sometimes Here) is the wife and sister of the supreme god, Zeus. Hera was jealous of Zeus' many other lovers—she fought often with him and sought revenge against his mistresses. She punished other unfaithful husbands.

Hera was worshiped all over greece, especially in Argos and Salmos where she had several temples built in her honour. She is a symbol of women, marriage, marital love and childbirth.

When Hera was born, her father, Kronos swallowed her (along with her other siblings) in order to avoid losing his power. Her brother Zeus would survive with the help of their mother, Rhea. Kronos was later forced by Rhea (or sometimes Zeus) to vomit up Zeus' other siblings, including Hera.

During the Trojan War, Hera seduces her husband in order to distract him from the events of the war, preventing him from interfering.

The Romans equated Hera with their goddess, Juno.

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